Want to save a lot of money and get a better home economy this year? Here are some tips along the way. Even though we get tax cuts and low interest rates, it is still a shame to spend money on something you do not get as much out of. We have collected these sharp and easy savings tips that will warm your bank account in a cold time.

Clear your bank account

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Have two accounts to manage your finances in online banking through the budget you have presented. You can pay an account and all income goes to and from here you also pay all fixed costs via giro or PBS.

In the second account, a cash amount upfront account, transferable as the first of each month a fixed amount. This allows you to easily manage your expenses and you have an overview of what you are spending money on. Click over and visibility are the first step to a profit economy.

Prioritize saving so that you better reduce the consumption of expensive debt on credit cards etc. instead of using the money for retirement, saving and saving in free funds. Save the interest rate you get. When the car needs service or repair, and get quotes from stores other than where you bought the car. Negotiate the price down. Make a written agreement on what should be done. Demand to see replaced parts. You can save thousands of dollars a year.

Check your electricity consumption for each month by writing down the consumption. Use low-power TVs and use bulbs where you can save money.

Wash at low temperatures

money cash

Do not leave cell phone chargers and the like plugged into a wall outlet. You save at least $ 500 a year. Drop the landline and move the number to your mobile phone. You can save around 1500 per year on this. Move any broadband connection to cable TV or wireless broadband. Spend an evening planning shopping based on bidding newspapers.

Always save for your upcoming vacation. Book either leave well in advance and get discounts – or opt for last minute package tours. Also, consider spending money on savings. It is expensive and depressing to go and pay down a little too expensive vacation for months afterwards. Shop online. Books, music, electronics, video games are often much cheaper than in stores.

Get cheap insurance through your union. Take advantage of all the above cards and schemes offered through your trade union or workplace. Save thousands of dollars a year. Sell what you do not use or have too much of the private auction site qxl.no or finn.no. Buy cheap used stuff also through these areas. For example, children’s clothing, winter boots, bicycles. There is a lot of money to save.

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