Reading time: 3 minutes Patrick works as a preschool teacher and has an interest in economics. He is a regular small saver who has chosen to test Good Finance’s service since 2015 to diversify his savings and is a customer even today.

His strategy was to invest money in the long term. – I first came into contact with the platform in 2015 after seeing an advertisement with you on TV. I was thinking about how to invest money in the long term for the future.

The company and the peer-to-peer system and became interested


I then decided to test a limited period. Patrick continues, – I am still pleased with the service Good Finance offers. During my three years with Good Finance, I have researched other services but chose to remain with Good Finance because they are unique in the design of their service and with a focus on growing companies in Sweden. I have compared with, for example, Lendify which focuses on private individuals’ loans, or other services that require more capital.

“I set aside a smaller sum of my salary for my savings.”


I set aside a smaller sum of my salary for my savings and think that it is money I do not need at present, but want to invest for the future. There is always a risk of investing money in shares or loans, but since Good Finance offers corporate loans, I think they are safer than other comparable services such as lendify.

It also offers a form of collateral for the loans. Patrick continues, – My strategy is long-term and spreading risks. I am well aware of the risks and have therefore chosen to distribute the loans. I am careful and carefully choose which companies to invest in.

But I use Good Finance’s autobud function


To spend a small amount on each loan to spread the risks and invest in those I believe more in after my own research. I have also gained experience and reinvested money in companies that borrowed several times from Good Finance and then proved that they are trustworthy.

One security that has also evolved over the years is that Good Finance’s partners are part-financing loans. This increases the credibility of these loans more.

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