It may be necessary to introduce some kind of collateral when borrowing money. Fortunately, it is not always necessary, as there are lots of loan companies that offer you to borrow money without collateral.

Typical unsecured loans are different cards, for example. Acceptance cards, and Kash, as well as various types of loans from electronic loan application companies. If you borrow money in the bank, so that it rarely happens without the need to make some kind of security.

Limits for unsecured loans

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When loan companies lend you money without collateral, the chance is that they will not get your money back more than usual. It is therefore not possible to borrow as much money without collateral as it is if you take out a loan where you simultaneously provide some form of collateral.

Because the loan companies are afraid of losing money, it is often too expensive to borrow money without collateral. In general, we can say that the lower interest rates and fees, the greater the security requirements. If you provide security in the house by example. to borrow at the free value, so you can borrow a lot more money than if you do no other security than the risk of falling into the register.

Missing payment

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If you do not pay off a loan without a security, you are almost certain that you will be in the registry. There can also be other consequences if you do not pay the installment, so before you apply you should always familiarize yourself with what happens if the loan is not due to time.

Mortgages are not without collateral. If the loan you are considering is with a mortgage, it is not the same as it is a loan with no collateral. A loan with a mortgage means that the bank or loan company has a mortgage on what you buy, that is, it can become their property if you fail to pay down the installments on time.

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